In Fine Voice – Garth Wiltshire for the Capital Times

Have Voice Will Sing, Ruth Armishaw with the Honest 3, Meow Café, February 21.
Reviewed by Garth Wilshere for Capital Times

THIS perfectly designed show entertained us with singer Ruth Armishaw’s musical journey..

The pithy original lyrics by Paul Jenden, whilst ironically and humorously reflecting her life and personality, take on a universal quality representing the life for any musician or singer striving to build a career.

Her compositional has style has variety, and as a graduate jazz singer with choral and operatic experience, she has excellent resources to call on. She uses her strong voice eloquently and powerfully. She also has great musical chops on the piano which work well with the jazz trio of guitar (Jimmy Perkins), drums (Cory Champion) and double bass (Adrian Laird).

Jazz, Pop, Latin, Bossa Nova, Samba rhythms gave tonal variety, and her singing from belting and bold to softer, sentimental and excellent scat vocals had character.

To add visual interest, there were her retro styled dress and quirky visual designs by Sara Pattison, while projections of videos and photos behind the performers gave mood and context.

Retro, kitschy styled Meow proved an ideal venue.

These songs were memorable in a gig that would suit touring the festival circuit.