About Ruth

Ruth Armishaw is what you could call a Chameleon of the music world in Wellington.

For the last 14 years, she has worked towards her goal of becoming a full time musician, which she has achieved as a performer for hire, a music teacher, and a creator of artistic works.

Her musical background spans the orchestral, choral, operatic, musical-theatre, and jazz realms, with tertiary and post-graduate study in Vocal Jazz performance and a Performers Certificate in classical piano. As a past member of the Hutt Operatic, Wellington Junior Symphony Orchestra, Wellington Youth Choir, NZ Secondary Students’, NZ Youth and Orhepus Choirs, Wellington Musical Theatre, and current member of the NBR NZ Opera Chapman Tripp Chorus (13 years), she has plenty of varied performance experience.

In 2011/12, she composed and performed her first musical theatre piece, Have Voice; Will Sing, at the NZ Fringe Festival.

In Fine Voice: This perfectly designed show entertained us with singer Ruth Armishaw’s musical journey….She uses her strong voice eloquently and powerfully, from belting and bold to softer and sentimental, and excellent scat vocals had character. She has great musical chops on the piano which work well with the jazz trio…These songs were memorable in a gig that would suit touring the festival circuit.” – Capital Times

She is currently working on fulfilling that prophecy, to take on the niche genre of Jazz Comedy, while maintaining her regular gigs, teaching and other performance opportunities.

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