Band Member Bios

Ruth Armishaw – Piano and Voice
In her life, Ruth’s voice has made music of many styles, beginning with choirs, school productions, then Jazz, Opera and Musical Theatre. Piano was her main instrument as a child, which she is grateful for, now that she is writing music and performing regularly. Ruth graduated with an honours degree in Vocal Jazz Performance from the NZ School of Music in 2007.

Jimmy Perkins – Guitar
Jimmy is a versatile musician, with a Jazz, Rock, and Metal streak. A highly sought after gigging player, Jimmy has performed in a variety of musical situations that include; The John O’Connor Experiment, Night Train (jazz combo), The Business (rock covers band), King Jankoff (progressive rock originals band), The Plan (metal originals band) and a number of other duo and solo settings. Ruth and Jim met in the band for Artsplash Wellington Children’s music festival.

Maurice Phillips – Drums
Maurice Phillips is a well-known drummer and music teacher in the Wellington scene, training young people in the art of rhythm making. His jazz stints include a period with Kevin Clark. Currently he plays in the Irish group “The Shenanigans”, and teaches drums at Chilton St James School.

Noel Evans – Bass
Bassist Noel Evans is a veteran of the Wellington jazz scene, having played through-out the sixties with Terry Crayford’s group that at times included notable saxophonist Bruce Johnstone, and the late Bruno Lawrence. He currently plays in a jazz duo “Simply Jazz” with pianist Andrea Robinson, and in a Django Reinhardt style Gypsy group “Swing Reverie”. Noel Evans and Ruth played music together several years ago. Showing how life runs in cycles, Ruth and Noel’s first path crossing was during her school days when he again played for the school production in which she was a leading lady, and this is how they recently reconnected, while both involved with another show at the same school.